Mackenzie's Espresso Bar

Enjoy your time strolling through our beautiful gardens while enjoying a specialty beverage or one of Mackenzie's Espresso bar treats from Vancouver Island's Creekmore Coffee or Westholme Tea.

12oz - 2.75
16oz - 3.00

Latte/Chai Latte
12oz - 3.75
16oz - 4.25

12oz - 4.25
16oz - 4.75

12oz - 3.00
16oz - 3.50

London Fog
12oz - 4.00
16oz - 4.50

Westholme Tea
12oz - 2.25
16oz - 2.50

Location & Contact

6689 Goodmere Rd
Sooke, BC V9Z 1H9
Call (778) 352-3353

Hours of Operation
Sun & Mon: 11am to 4pm
Tues, Wed,&Thurs:
Fri & Sat: 9-5pm

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